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Go Back  Introducing Icaros Desktop

Author: Steve Jones

Date: 27/03/2009 14:22:30

Finally the iMica's default distribution name has been changed to remove the reference to VMWare. The new name is Icaros, the following is a small part from Paolo's site, basically now there is a nice name for this system that includes the word Aros which I believed was important. Goes without saying that iMica will use this as a default OS install.

Now that this software is available please go and try it out, if you are an iMica customer please contact us and we will send you a new install DVD.

Taken from Paolo's site.

From now on, there will be no more VmwAROS, but Icaros Desktop instead. And it will mainly be a complete AROS distribution (as like as VmwAROS LIVE! had been in the past) aiming to run on supported PC hardware, being it physical or virtualized. The name VmwAROS will be kept only for the underlying technology of the distribution: think about it as a "company name", even if there is no company behind it. Links to old VmwAROS version will be kept as long as the files will be still available, and this site will be always reachable using the address www.vmwaros.org for some time (until the domain name will expire). Old links will continue working, since the vmwaros.blogger/blogspot.com will be the same. Many VmwAROS occurrences in the distribution files will be kept for compatibility reasons. Starting from today, however, the new official URL for this distribution is www.icarosdesktop.org.

"Icaros Desktop" name is inspired by Icarus (?καρος, Íkaros), a mythologic character that tried to fly but fell to his death, joined with the AROS name and followed by the "Desktop" word (which is our main target). Please notice that 'Icarus' has much in common with the japanese word Hikaru, which means ray of sun. I have to thank Joao "Hardwired" Ralha for the inspiration and all the beta-testers that joined our private discussion about the new name.



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