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Go Back  HDAudio driver supports its first netbook

Author: Steve Jones

Date: 01/10/2010 18:26:35

Description: Intel based audio support and Acer Aspire 150 with sound drivers, attached at bottom of this page, look for hdaudio-drivers.zip file.

New Version 6.14

Fixes head phone issues and other bits.

19/09/2010 update with fixes.

OK, HDAudio can be confirmed as a recording driver as well as just playback now we have the AMAZING Audio Evolution 4.0 for Aros from Davy Wentzler. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE support professional development on Aros and other Amiga platforms. 

I have to say I am really pleased with the investment we have made for the HDAudio drivers for Aros.

Whilst the original plan was to support iMica first and then bring the Netbooks online later, Davy has worked miracles and supported some of them out of the box. Now this is not to say that all netbooks are supported but they will be pretty much possible if they have Intel HDAudio chip sets and we just need to write more codecs. However, to do this we need to recoup some of expense of work involved in creating the HDAudio framework.

So now we have full wired network ability for iMica and netbooks, stereo sound record/playback and a correctly displayable screen at 1024x600. Whilst there is more work to do, these are now a viable option for Amiga fans while we work on the two remaining area. 

I have decided to give these drivers away to support the Aros and Amiga community and only ask that if they work and you are happy with them that you click the donate button. Your donation will enable us to continue this support of Aros and the Amiga community in this way.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This download and the use of these drivers are for end users only and may not be supplied with commercial products without contacting this company first.

Please note this will open another popup window for you to proceed.

Any way, thanks to Davy Wentzler from http://www.audio-evolution.com/ for all of his professional and hard work.

Steve Jones

p.s. Driver below, see HDAudio-drivers.zip icon, yes I know it is not in .lha, will convert in next few days.

p.p.s Just copy over your files and reboot, you should hopefully see HDAudio appear in AHI prefs, if yes do usual changes and press test button. If it works then press the Donate button, if not let us know.

 (All Document Attachments)
Asset: 2
File Name: a150.jpg
Mime Type: image/jpeg
Asset: 3
File Name: HDAudio 6.10.zip
Mime Type: application/zip
Asset: 4
File Name: hdaudio6.11.lha
Mime Type: application/octet-stream
Asset: 5
File Name: HDAudio-v6-13.zip
Mime Type: application/zip
Asset: 6
File Name: hdaudio6.13.lha
Mime Type: application/octet-stream
Asset: 7
File Name: hdaudio_6.14.lha
Mime Type: application/octet-stream

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