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Go Back  iMica Atom Starter Pack - Lowest Price £149.00

Author: Steve Jones

Date: 06/03/2010 09:58:35

Description: Did we have a rush of blood to the head but well here goes, iMica Atom starter pack £149.00

!! NEWS Update !!

As I thought things have changed already and the motherboard and the drives that the starter pack is based on have been discontinued so the specification has now changed and pushed up the cost pricing. I will hold this offer open until the end of June but after that this version will be dropped. So now the motherboard is a dual core atom and the drive is a 160gb 3.5" unit.

 As we have seen a large number of people showing interest in both iMica and Aros and as a lot have been building their own, I have decided to hunt the best deals I can from all over the country and put the iMIca starter pack together. This price is at present a SHORT term offer to see if it is viable, so get one now before we change our minds. This is not on our order page so contact us direct at clusteruk@hotmail.com for shipping and paypal payment details.

iMica Atom Starter Pack £149.00 

What do you get, well this is as it says a starter pack so this is all you need to get started with an IcAros powered iMica. It can surf the web, play games, program, create graphics, play music and videos and with Amiga forever from Cloanto it can run all of your Amiga 68k applications and games.


Black iMica Cube case, (only one colour choice but it is sexy)
Intel Atom 1.6ghz dual core motherboard
512mb DDR2 Memory  (Trust me this is enough to get started)
160gb 3.5" s-ata hard disk. 
1 x PCI slot for NVidia 5200 PCI 3D card
Onboard Network supported by IcAros with rtl8169.device
Onboard HDAudio supported by our HDAudio drivers.

Case Features 

150 Watt Psu Included
Front USB and Audio
Flip Down CD Cover
Pci Slot With Pci Riser
300mm deep
200 mm wide
170mm Tall 
3.5" and 5.25" drive bays

What can you add: 

Well you can add any SATA 5.25" CD/DVD/DVDRW drive.

You can upgrade the ram yourself up to 2gb

3D Graphics, yes, add a PCI based NVidia 5200 PCI graphics card.

Not fast enough 

This is a starter pack, but we do the iMica Pro with everything including 3ghz processor for only £299.

What Now

Well email us at clusteruk@hotmail.com for shipping quote to your country and lets get the ball rolling. 


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