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Go Back  Basic Raspberry Pi4 ITX fitting kit without software

Author: Steve Jones

Date: 13/11/2021 14:00:31

Description: Just the frame and port adapter

Pi4 fitting Kit just add 2-8gb Raspberry Pi4 board and any software you want.



You will have to look online how to set up power switch the power LED 



This kit is to get you up and running as cheaply as possible, which means you need to plug a Raspberry Pi4 compatible power supply with minimum 3amps into the rear using USB C power cable.


We have other kits including completely internal PSU and software packs. 


Kit includes       (ships in Black unless with a case then matches case colour)


ITX steel mount frame with rear panel

Geeek Pi HDMI adaptor board

Screw and spacers kit



A better kit is this one but needs SFX PSU.



Introduction and explanation video of Ami-Hybrid concept and power of setup 




The Raspberry Pi4 is possibly the ultimate setup for the retro fan if performance and ease of use are the criteria. It has been the basis for most Retro emulation systems for quite a while now and can run a huge amount of old systems including  some fairly powerful 3D engine based retro hardware like the PS1, Nintendo 64 and Sega Saturn games which are often perfectly upscaled to higher resolutions.



If complete accurate simulation of the retro machine is not your thing then it is the obvious choice, although if setup correctly, the Pi4 can emulate the Amiga almost perfectly. Add to the Pi4 the Ami-Hybrid system that enables the most powerful Amiga experience outside of the usual PC emulation systems, then you will be in Amiga emulation heaven :-)



Amiga emulation performs above 200x the speed of an Amiga A3000 according to Sysinfo.



Very fast emulation performance, 1000mips in Sysinfo, 200+ x A3000

Linux based emulation

2gb (fine for Amiga) up to 8gb

With Ami-Hybrid you get best of both worlds



Not accurate chip emulation like FPGA, however, if you set to 50hz screen display I doubt you will be able to tell the diference :-)

If you think emulation is a dirty word then this is emulation.



Comparison chart for all three systems


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